Business model redesign consulting services

Environmental issues have forced businesses to embrace constant changes in their business model. In this regard, business model blocks, which should be defined and designed specifically in each industry, should be evaluated with a systemic approach and accompanied by change management. Businesses are always curious to know if their new business model is effective and efficient. This issue should be specified by experts. Addressing such issues requires specialized services, which can be provided in the following areas:

• Optimizing the current business model
• Assessment of strategic and operational layers in interaction with business model
• Consultation to design and implement a new business model
• Consultation for the transition phase between the current and new business model
• Exclusive advice to banks in order to design and implement new business model based on universal banking

New business models, comprehensive banking and its guidelines for banks

Many of the world's top banking business models focus on segmenting customers based on their expected value or needs. This approach has been used in the design process of many business models. In this regard, banks seek to optimally group customers that share similar values or common needs.

Corporate banking in the world is the result of separating large businesses from other customers; Of course, this issue is seen as a preliminary indicator in the customer selection process. Other variables such as the complexity of customer financial needs, customer satisfaction level and potentials hidden in the bank-customer relationship are also effective in the process of identifying, selecting and transferring customers to corporate banking.
Achieving the maximum share of the customer in each bank is achieved through various quantitative and qualitative evaluations, and communication between customer groups is also important. Thus, design and implementation of universal banking business models require extensive research and knowledge, as well as experience.